Amateur Girls Taking Massive Facial Loads

You guys get these pictures of young amateur girls taking massive facials loads from me for free, while I spent a shitload of money trying to start a new website just before the economy tanked.  Bad deal for me, good deal with free porn for you.

So let me explain.  Even though I’m a fat old fart (hairy too, look at my gut in the pics) I’d been running a couple of websites that put me in contact with a lot of horny young women. Unfortunately, I never got to have sex with them, I just took pictures.  But I knew I got along with them and that they liked me even though I’m a hairy old fart with a gut.

So I decided to change the circumstances, have sex with a bunch of hot young women and make some money doing it.  What a plan, what could possibly go wrong?Well, after spending most of my savings doing point of view pictures and videos of me fucking, getting sucked by and coming all over the faces of hot young women the economy tanked and there was no more money in on line porn.  So the site never launched, I had to get a job as a shopping mall security guard to pay the rent, and I put all my fucking, sucking and facial videos and pictures on the shelf.

But I still wanted to so something with the facial pictures and videos.  After all, if you did this many cumshots on the faces of so many hot young women wouldn’t you want the world to see them too?  So here we are with this blog.  I’ll be showing you POV perspective of facial cumshots I did on hot girls for my site that didn’t launch.

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Amateur Girls Loves Her Massive Facial

So, do girls like facials or not?  Most of the amateur girls I’ve given facials to have not really like it.  And I can understand their logic.  A big splooge of sticky cum on the face and in the hair like I did to Emanuelle here is a pain in the ass to clean and will ruin almost any make up job.  And while cum smells and tastes better than crankcase sludge it’s not chocolate sauce either.  Overall, I think it’s pretty safe to say that very few girls like facials.

So why do girls take facials then?  Well, for the amateur girls you see taking facial creamings from me here it’s simple.  They do it for the money.  But even the amateurs want extra for taking a facial.  How about the average girlfriend or even one night stand? Why are they willing to take a load in the face?  I’ve found a few common reasons.  For the girls who don’t want to fuck, a blowjob and a facial are designed to keep us happy and keep our minds off fucking them.  Fair enough, it works for me.  But I’ll still try to fuck them the second round though.  Some girlfriends use facials as bargaining tools, just like some use anal the same way.  “I’ll let you come on my face or fuck me in the ass if you buy me XYZ.”  I really hate that shit and refuse to participate.  I’d rather keep my dick in my pants than get led around by it.  A small number of girls do facials just because they know it makes us happy.  They’re rare but what are even rarer are the girls who truly like taking facials.  They just like the feel of the cum hitting their face.

Emanuelle here was pretty close to an amateur girl who likes facials.  She had a bad experience once and wanted to keep it out of her eyes but otherwise told me to hose her down all over.  My kind of girl, I’ll have to do it again with her.

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Amateur Girl Tried to Dodge a Big Facial

Here’s another reason why it’s good to be a guy, guys.  It’s a whole lot easier to watch yourself having sex.  And easier to take pictures too.  For example, look at the picture of me giving Caroh here a facial.  Can a woman take a picture of herself having an orgasm? No.  Or the close up shot of Caroh giving me the blowjob right before I gave her a facial. Can a woman even watch you going down on her?  No again.  And if you’re lucky enough to find a woman who squirts, can she possibly get a picture of that?  No again.  Maybe that’s why so many of us have a voyeur streak, it’s so easy to watch ourselves having sex we want to watch other people too.

Caroh answered one of my ads in craigslist looking for adult performers. This was way before craigslist got politically correct and stopped the adult listings.  Watch for backpage and facebook, who now have all the adult business, to go politically correct as soon as the bluenoses figure it out.  Anyway, Caroh needed car repair money and was up for anything but anal.  As you can see, she tilted her head back and dodged the facial a little at the very end but I still creamed her good.  She got her car repair money, I got off and got these pictures and video so we both left happy.

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Blowjob and Facial Cumshot on Two Amateur Girls

My married friends call me “Mr. Vicarious” and always want to know the details of every photo shoot and every girl I fuck.  These are all guys who have been married long enough to have kids on whom they spend every extra minute and dollar.  But they haven’t been married long enough for the kids to have moved out and for them to go find younger, sexier Wife number Two.  So they live the lives they wish they were living through the tales of my exploits.   And while I don’t mind them living vicariously through me I don’t tell them everything.  They’re jealous of me enough as it is, no need to push them over the edge by telling them thing like my two girl facial cumshot with Carmen and Ellie here.

That’s Ellie with the short hair and flat chest and Carmen with the long hair and boobs. And don’t hold Ellie’s lack of boobs to play with against her, the girl is willing to try absolutely anything.  So’s Carmen, she just has a little more to play with.

So, we really weren’t planning to do a photoshoot or even have sex that afternoon.  Honest.  The girls just came over to hang out around the pool at my condo.  But, of course, one thing led to another and they started messing around with each other and then I couldn’t be left out and ended up getting a quick blow job from both of them and coming all over heir faces.  I really wanted one to swallow me but they couldn’t decide who and I was getting too close for them to argue so we just did the facial cumshot on both of them.  And they decided to go straight out to the pool and so they got a few weird looks from the mommies with their rugrats.

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Cute Amateur Brunette Takes a Load in the Face

Have you ever attempted to have a conversation with a traditional hairy-legged, man-hating “feminist” about facials?  I made the mistake of trying it once, I guess I have some sort of a little masochistic streak in me.  First she called me a misogynist.  That, I understand.  Then she called me a racist.  That I actually understand too as it’s the cliche insult of the moment for people who are too lazy to think.  The conversation went downhill from there and I ended it and walked away with the certain belief that she’d be masturbating to the thought of a huge facial cumshot spraying all over her face and chest.

In contrast to my foaming-at-the-mouth so-called feminist, Angie here was a real feminist who just wanted to apply her her feminine charms to have fun one afternoon.  No name calling, no ranting or raving or foaming at the mouth.  Well, there could ave been foaming at the mouth but she took mu cumshot as a facial instead of letting me finish in her mouth. I really did want to shoot my load down her throat but she pulled me out just at the last moment and made me cum all over her face.

I wasn’t complaining about coming all over her face instead of in her mouth and it makes for better pictures too.  Speaking of great pictures, how about that close up of her lips wrapped around my dick?  Is that a pretty sight, or what?

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Classic Amateur Blonde Takes Huge Facial Load

Outside of being a classic thin blonde, a great fuck with a tight pussy despite the kid and the willingness to take my huge load all over her face and chest, Alice here is the only woman I’ve ever met with inverted nipples.  Take a look, some people have “innie” belly buttons but Alice has innie nipples.  She says she’s always had them and it had no effect on her ability to suck and fuck or her willingness to take a facial so I guess it’s not important.  But still kinda strange looking.

I need to add a personal not here that has nothing to do with sex.  You see, whenever I meet another woman named “Alice” I immediately think of Alice my counselor at rehab. Rehab Alice was nothing whatsoever like Facial Alice.  Rehab Alice was about 65 years old, less than five feet tall and her height and weight were not proportional, and I don’t mean she was skinny.  But I’ll always remember Rehab Alice because she was the mentally and emotionally toughest person I’ve ever met.  “No Bullshit Alice” would be a better name.  No Navy SEAL or even Chuck Norris has anything on her when it becomes to toughness. “No Bullshit” because she had the best bullshit detector I’ve ever seen.  Alcoholics and addicts re professional liars and we all tried it on her and she caught all of us every time.

But thinking about sex and Rehab Alice would give anyone nightmares.  Facial Alice here was much more fun.  Don’t know how mentally tough she is because I didn’t spend much time with her but she got me hard in the right place and she was soft and wet in the right place and we had fun.  Enough that I came as much as I ever have come all over her face and chest.  She was a little surprised but took it like a champ.

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